Pranic Healing

Healing is an ancient art and science.Many spiritual healers helped mankind from time to time.So much materials are available on this field in the name of quantum healing,SAI healing,divine healing,spiritual remedies,distance pranic healing,pranic healing chakras,mind body and soul,do pranic healing,steps for pranic healing,competition for long life,healing pranic chakras,illness healing with the mind,healing of mind,mind and healing,healing chakras meditation,hypnosis for healing,pranic healing,past life regression,healing the mind,body and soul,pranic healing for all,pranic healing and you,angelic healing,healing with angels,inspiration from angels,healing pranic,hypnosis for healing,healing with hypnosis,mind and healing,healing with the mind and so on. This list is endless but it is hard to find matter healthy and easily digestible to give accurate and quick results. Continue reading

God Realisation

There are Five stages for God realisation. First Four stages are for soul realisation.So for God realisation first you have to practice for soul realisation.The first stage is the knowledge that you are not body but soul, meaning thereby that body and soul are separate. You are not the body with soul but you are soul having body.

The second stage is the actual experience that you are the soul.
The third stage of soul realisation is the experience of incarnated soul(that is you ie Jivatma)having union with higher soul and realising that incarnated soul and higher soul one and same.
The fourth and higher level is the experience of merger of incarnated soul(Jivatma) with the Paramatma(divine starke/divine soul). Continue reading


The word hypnotism is made from Greek word hypnos which means sleep, but this hypnotic sleep is different from ordinary sleep.In ordinary sleep we are not aware of anything ,but in hypnotic sleep we are aware of everything being done or said. We can awake from trance anytime if anything being done is against our wish.So hypnosis is safe and natural.We all have experienced this hypnotic state, but we are not aware of it.When we see good movie, we laugh and weep because we identify ourself with film characters and are hypnotised and forget that characters are not real , but we feel them as real because our conscious mind stops working and subconscious mind starts working. There are mainly two types of mind (1) conscious mind (2) subconscious mind. The conscious mind is analytical and argues before it accepts things.The subconscious mind does not argue and accepts things as such .So the conscious mind acts as watch dog/ gate keeper of subconscious mind and so nobody is able to put suggestions in our Continue reading