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So here I am giving the best digestible material for your benefit

For good health you should be physically,emotionally and mentally fit.To get good health following are essentials

  • Proper food
  • Enough water
  • Breathing properly
  • Sufficient physical Exercise
  • Moderate Life style
  • Calm disposition
  • Clear decisive mind.

There are many causes  of illness external and internal.  In external causes germs, bacteria or virus may be the reason and in internal causes  malfunctioning of the chakras in the body is the reason. By activating / healing these chakras the illness may be removed.  Even in external causes, chakras are too affected and by pranic healing illness can be removed. First illness enters into energy body of the person and then  it goes into physical body and so by pranic healing, energy body is healed and illness can not reach the physical body. Both physical body and energy body are inter related. By healing energy body, physical body is healed and by healing physic body, energy body is healed.  Pranic healing is most effective in healing and it can heal people at far distances by distant Pranic healing.


According to Indian view there are seven major chakras in human body . They are as follows:

  • Mooladhar chakra (Root Chakra)
  • Swadishtan Chakra(Sex Chakra)
  • Manipurak Chakra(Naval chakra)
  • Anahat Chakra(Heart Chakra)
  • Vishuddhi Chakra(Throat Chakra)
  • Ajna Chakra ( Eye Brow chakra)
  • Sahasrar Chakra (Crown Chakra)

In Kundalini Jagran, the above seven chakras are activated by Hath yoga and other means.

But in Pranic healing there are 11 (Eleven ) major Chakras.

  • Basic Chakra
  • Sex Chakra
  • Meng mein Chakra
  • Naval Chakara
  • Spleen Chakra
  • Solar plexus Chakra
  • Heart Chakra
  • Throat Chakra
  • Ajna Chakra
  • Forhead Chakra
  • Crown Chakra
  • Basic Chakra:         It is located at the base of the spine.  It is also known as root chakra or Mooladhar Chakra. It is like the root of  the tree.  If the root of the tree is weak, the tree will be weak.  Old people have very depleted basic chakra.  It controls, energies and strengthen physical body.  It also affects the heart and sex .  The spine, the production of quality of blood produced, the adrenal glands, the tissues of the body, body heat, growth of infants and children, general vitality, muscular and skeltion systems are controled by this chakra. Since the basic chakra controlls the muscular  system and heart  is made of muscles and so it affects heart too.  It is the center of self preservation or instinct of self survival.  It has YOR i.e Yellow Orange and red prana (life force or life energy).   The red prana of this chakra is used for energizing and strengthning the whole body.  Mal functioning of this chakra may cause and will certainly cause the following problems :
  • Arthritis and rheumatism
  • Spinal problems.
  • Blood ailments and allergy.
  • Slow healing of wounds and broken bones.
  • growth problems.
  • Cancer and leukaemia ,particulaly bone cancer.
  • Low vitality
  • heart ailments
  • brain ailments
  • Sexual ailments
  • Depressed or suicidal tendencies.
  • loosing touch with physical reality or becoming quite unrealistic.
  • problem in getting good jobs, profession, promotion inspite of having best qualification.
  • low work performance in office or in business.
  • money problem
  • Insomnia.
  • Hyper activity of the children.
  • So the basic chakra is not only the center for self survival but also for dynamic activities. A dynamic & successful businessman will have a highly activated and energized basic chakra.  A person with this weak chakra tends to proccrastinate or keep things on hold. He makes the plan but dones not implement it.  So it is the center of actiion. The elderly people have depleted basic and sex chakra.  The part of the energy of this chakra goes to brain so it affects brain too. To treat mental problems, this chakra is also treated along with other chakrs.

Sex Chakra:    It is located on the pubic area and is the center of sexual instinct and energy. This chakras controlls the following:

  • The Sex organs.
  • The bladder and the urethra
  • The legs are also substantially energied and affected by the sex chakra. The ajna chakra, throat chakra and basic chakra also have influence on the sex chakra and so malfunctioning of any of these chakras will affect sex chakra. Mallfunctioing of this chakra will cause the folloing problems.
  1. Urinary problems.
  2. sex related problems.
  3. Impotency.
  4. Sterility.
  5. enlarged prostate gland
  6. Mentally retarded people have severly depleted sex chakra. Strong sexual drive is related to strong sex chakra. If a person is not able to control his sexual urge, then treat his sex chakra and the naval chakra, then inhibit the sex chakra and he will be able to control his sexual urge.  If he is impotent, or frigid, cleanse, energize and activate the sex chakra.  A strong healthy sex chakra is necessary for a healthy throat chakra  which is responsible for the development  of the mental faculty.

Navel Chakra: It is located on the navel. It is the center of the “Instinct of knowing” Gut feelings also emerge in this area.  When you are in fighting and you do not know what to do next then you instinctively know what to do when attacked bythe opponent.  When this naval chakra is dirty and not functioning well, the upward  flow of pranic energy from the sex chakra to the navel chakra and higher chakras is blocked and the person becomes sexually over activated. This  navel chakra controls and energises the following:

  • The small intestine
  • the large intestine
  • the appendix
  • affecting the speed of giving birth
  • general vitality

Malfunctioning will manifest as:

  1. Constipation
  2. loose bowel movement
  3. inability to assimilate food nutrients.
  4. appendicities
  5. intestinal ailments
  6. difficulty in giving birth.
  7. low vitality

Meng Mein chakra:   This chakra is located at the back of the navel.  It is about 1/3 to 1/2 the size  of the other major chakras.  It is a pumping station in the spine and so it is responsible for the upward flow of pranic energies coming from basic chakra to the other chakra.   It controls the blood pressure. If you want to raise or down the blood pressure use this chakra. This chakra should be treated by experienced healers only. In infants this chakra should not be energized because of its possible harmful effects.  Avoid to energize this chakra in case of children, older people  and pregant women.  Violent people have over activated meng mein chakra.  This chakra controls and regulates the adrenal glands.  The adrenal glands produce certain harmones which temporarily give a person extra ordinarily  strength or power. The other chakras  involved are solar plexus and the basic chakra in this process if violent behaviour.  That is the reason when the basic, meng mein and solar presure chakras became big, a person becomes emotionaly excited and physically powerful. The master healing technique involves the activation of the meng mein and basic chakra. This chakra controls and energizes the following:

  • The kidneys
  • The adrenal glands
  • to a certain extent other internal organs.
  • regulates the blood pressure.
  • Malfunctioning of the meng mein chakra may manifest as:
  • kidney problem
  • low vitality
  • blood pressure
  • back problem

To control the violent person, cleanse the front and back solar plexus, the meing main and the basic chakra, inhibit the meing mein and the solar plexus chakras and the person will gradually cool down.  If the size of this meing mein chakra is normal, the blood pressure will be normal.  If it is over activated or its ratio is highen then other chakra then the B.P. will be higher.  If this chakra is under  activated or its ratio is lower, then the  B.P.  will be lower.  This meing mein  chakra is closely related to the spleen chakra.  So if the spleen chakra is highly energized, the meing mein chakra will also be energized. If the spleen chakra is activated the meing mein chakra will also be activated.  That is the reason why the spleen chakra of a person with hypertension is not treated. The abnormal growth rate of cells are due to malfunctioning of the solar plexus, meing mein, and basic chakra together with the malfunctioning of ajna, and heart chakra.

Spleen chakra:         The spleen chakra is 1/3 to  1/2  the size of the other major chakras.  It is located on the left part of the abdomen between the front solar plexus and the naval chakra. It is located at the middle part of the left bottom rib. It is not advisable to energize this chakra of infants  & children as they may faint because of pranic congestion. Air pran or air vitality globules enter through this chakra in the body.

So it plays an important part in general well being of the person.  If the spleen chakra is clean and highly activated, the person will feel strong & healthy.  If it is weak he will  also feel weak.

Depressed people have depleted spleen chakra.  It is also not advisable to energize this chakra of the person with hypertension  because  of being related to meing mein chakra, it may increase the B.P.

This chakra:

  1. Controls and energizes the physical spleen.
  2. affects the pranic energy level or the general vitality of the body.
  3. affects the quality of the blood and
  4. affects the immunity system of the body
  5. The spleen chakra is usually affected  among patients sufferning from severe infection. Even doctor’s say the physical spleen removes abnormal particles, especially germs from the blood and it also produces anti bodies. malfunctioning of the spleen chakras may manifest as
  1. ailment of the spleen
  2. low vitality
  3. Lower immunity level
  4. dirty blood or blood ailments
  5. arthritis and Rhematism.
  6. Rheumatoid  arthritis patients have dirty spleen chakra.This chakra is used to treat weak or infected people.  It plays a vital part  in general well being.  The spleem  purifies the blood also. Air pran is digested by this hakra and is distributed to other chakeras.  This chakra is related to naval chakra, so when naval chakra is activated the spleen chakra is also activated.  You can activate and enertise the naval chakra by just concentrating on it.
  7. Solar Plexus chakra:   There are two solar plexus chakra front & back.  The front solar plexus chakra is at the hollow area between the ribs above the naval chakra.  The back solar plexus chakra is located at the back of front solar plexus chakra.  Diabetes, Ulcer, Hepatitis, heart ailments, breathing difficulty due to mal functioning of diaphragm, digestive ailments gall bladder ailments are due to malfunctioning of this chakra.  This chakra controls the liver which detoxifies the blood, high cholesterol level, dirty blood or blood ailments, rheumatoid arthritis, stomach, pancreas, liver, diaphragm, large & small intestines are controlled and energized by this chakra.  The adrenal glands, heart, lungs etc are also affected by this chakra. It is the center of lower emotions  like worry, anger, hate, irritation, resentment, anxiety, tension, fear, selfishness, aggresiveness addiction, abrasiveness.  Every emotion including these lower emotions is good in particular situatiion.  So no emotiion is to be hated.  back and front solar plexus chakras are related to the same organs  and functions as mentioned above but back solar plexes is closely related to disease namely high cholestrol level diabeties, ulcer, hepatitis , rheumatoid  arthrities, heart ailments etc.         If a person is angryor violent, clean and energise this chakra along with basic and meing mein chakra, he will be calmed down. This is I center, means I want this, I need this.  It is the center of power and assertiveness.  Successful people have this chakra very highly activated.  This chakra is the center for strong drise, preservance daring courage etc.
  8. Heart Chakra: – There are two heart chakra front and back.  The front heart chakra is located at the center of the chest.  The back heart chakra is located at the back of front heart chakra.  The front heart chakra ccontects the heart and circulatory  ailments while back heart chakra controls the lung ailments.  The front heart chakra is related to functions and organs of heart, thymus gland and the circulatory system.  The back heart chakra is related to lungs and to a lesser degree heart and thymus gland.  The heart is energized through the back heart chakra only and not by front heart chakra.  It is not safe to energize the front heart chakra.  Heart and solar plexus chakra are closely related.  So the malfunctioning of the solar plexes also results in the malfunctioning of the heart chakra. so if a person has high B.P. then his both chakra heart & solar plexes are to be cleaned and energized .  This chakra is the center of higher emotions like love, peace, joy, compassion, kindness, gentleness, tenderenes,caring, considerateness, patience, sensitivity, serenity etc, so by activating the heart chakra lower emotions of the solar plexes can be transformed into higher emotions.  But beware if your heart chakra is too big and solar plexes chakra is too small ,anybody can make you fool. so balance of the chakra is good in practical life.  If you want a life of  a saint then over activate heart and crown chakra.  For hysterical and psychological ill patients this heart chakra is to be cleaned and energized.
  9. Throat Chakra:-  It is located at the center of the throat.  This chakra is the center of lowere or concrete mind or lower mental faculty and also the center of higher creativity.  The sex chakra is the center of lower creativity.  This chakra is closely connected to the sex chakra.  Artists, sucessful politician and businessman have developed throat and sex chakra and so some of them tend to have sexual affirs.  So an frigid or important person can not be highly creative.  So for highly developed throat chakra it is necessary  that sex chakra should be activated.  But the reverse is not true.  A highly activated sex chakra does not mean a highly activated throat chakra. So it is not necessary  that a sexy person can be creative but it is almost sure that creative person must be sexy ie his/her sex chakra also highly developed. Lower creation means giving birth etc, but higher creation means works of outstanding nature involving creative  and visualization power  such as paintings , inventions, discoveries, successful business, successful politician, film actors etc.   The throat chakra is often over activated in case of worried person.  So treat  his throat chakra and solar plexes chakra.  This chakra controls and energizes the following.
  • Throat
  • Larynx or voice vox
  • Lyphatic system
  • Air tube or trachea
  • Thyroid gland
  • Parathyroid gland
  • It also affects the sex chakra.
  •        The ailments of sterility, goitler, sore throat, loss of voice and asthma are caused by the malfunctioning of this chakra.

a. Ajna chakra or Agya Chakra:- It is also known as eye brow chakra as it is located between the eyebrows. It is also known as will  centere, but higher type of will.   It is master chakra as it controls other major chakras.  This chakra controls and energises pituitory gland, the endocrine gland and energizes  the brain to certain  extent.  This chakra also affects eyes and nose.  Since it controls endocrine glands including pancreas and for controlling diabetes, solar plexes chakra mainly responsible for this disease is treated along with this Ajna chakra.   This is the master chakra and so by energizing this chakra only, the whole body is eneregized.  That is why  in charismatic/invoccating healing the healers are required to touch with their thumb/fingers/palms either  on the crown or the forehead  or the ajna chakra of the patients.  For good respriratory system, throat chakra, ajna chakra, back heart and solar plexes chakra should function well.  If you overactivate this chakra the person may faint.   When the powerful saint touches this chakra with his hand or thumb or finger, the person becomes faint because of execeive energy going from the saint to the ajna chakra of the person and the person’s body is not capable of  assimilating this excess energy.  That is why shaktipat may become dangerous if the person’s body is not capable of receiving it.  Before shaktipat the person’s body must be cleaned physically and etherically and by yoga practices and pranic healing it should be made healthy.  Thischakra is the center of the higher will power and the solar plexes for lower type of will power.  The general people derive their will power (lower  type) from the solar plexess, while  highly developed person got the will power from this chakra.  The ajna chakra and the solar plexes are closely connected.  They  affect eachother.  The throat  chakra is the center of lower mental faculty or concertating  but the ajna chakra is the center for higher mental faculty or abstract mind and is also the center of the will (higher level) or directive function. The diseases of eye, nose, cancer, and related to endocrine glands are  caused by the malfunctioning of this chakra.

10. Forehead chakra:- There are two front and back head chakra. Front chakra is located at the center of the forehead and controls  and enerizes  the pineal gland and nervous system.   The ailments of nervous system loss of memory, paralysis, epilepsy are caused by the malfunctioning of this chakra.  It is the center of lower & buddhic or lower cosmic consciousness or lower intuition.   By activating this chakra one can get access to the spilitined world.

11.  Crown Chakra:- It is located on the top of  the head.  It is the center of divine love or illumination and also entry point  of the spiritual energy into the body.  Saints have highly developed this chakra and so a halo is seen around thier head.  It controls the brain and is the center of higher buddhic faculty, higher cosmic conciousness, higher intuition, Christ conciousness, Krishna conciousness.  The higher buddhic faculty manifests direct knowing or perception.  It is knowing without having to study.  Our education system does not focus on the development of crown chakra but only limited to the ajna chakra since crown chakra is related to direct perception, intution which can not be explained by logic or by science so it is not encouraged.  Mental faculty is like a blind man and if wants to narrate the elephant he will touch his trunk  and will say it is like that and when he touches his feet he says like that and further if he is hard working he will go forward touching and will gather many data and will arrange them in systematic form then will say Oh, I have got the elephant is like this, but on the other other a person who can see the elephant will tell what the elephant is without collecting and analyzing any data as he can directly see with his eyes.  so the buddhic faculty is like a person  who can see and the mental  faculty is like a person who can not see. Unfortunately we use accept data only when it is scientifically proved but science has limitatiion as it uses only five senses namely sight, hear, touch, taste, smell of this physical 3 dimensional world and can not perceive clair sense like clairvoyanace, clair audience, clair sentience clair cognizance et.   These higher senses are of 4th dimensional world  which can be experienced by higly developed spiritual person and not be scientist.

But when a scient is spritually developed like an Einstein  then he also gets inspirations and datas from the 4 th dimensional world.

  1. So it is not correct to say that we will accept the spiritual laws only  when they are scientifically proved because science and spirituality has different fields to operate. You do not say that I will acept scientific  data only when it is proved by sprituality.   Will you ask scientist to evaluate / verify paintings of a painter  or will you ask the painter  to evaluate or verify the data /work  of a scientist.  the answer is no as both fields are different.  So keep both scientific outlook and spiritual outlook  different and let them work in their own fields  to get benefit from both.  Both  are essential to the mankind.

Basic teachniques in pranic healing:-    There are seven teachniques

  1. Sensitizing the hands.
  2. scanning the inner aura.
  3. sweeping (cleansing ) a. general      b. localized.
  4. Increasing the receptivity of the patient
  5. energizing with prana
  6. stabilizing the projected pranic energy.
  7. Relasing the projected pranic energy or detaching

Energizing techniques:-

Following are enerzing techniques:

  1. Basic- Hand chakras    Technique.
  2. Throat- Hand chakras Technique.
  3. Crown- Hand Chakras Technique.


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