The word hypnotism is made from Greek word hypnos which means sleep, but this hypnotic sleep is different from ordinary sleep.In ordinary sleep we are not aware of anything ,but in hypnotic sleep we are aware of everything being done or said. We can awake from trance anytime if anything being done is against our wish.So hypnosis is safe and natural.We all have experienced this hypnotic state, but we are not aware of it.When we see good movie, we laugh and weep because we identify ourself with film characters and are hypnotised and forget that characters are not real , but we feel them as real because our conscious mind stops working and subconscious mind starts working. There are mainly two types of mind (1) conscious mind (2) subconscious mind. The conscious mind is analytical and argues before it accepts things.The subconscious mind does not argue and accepts things as such .So the conscious mind acts as watch dog/ gate keeper of subconscious mind and so  nobody is able to put suggestions  in our subconscious mind directly.The subconscious mind is more powerful than conscious mind. In hypnosis we bypass the conscious mind of the subject and put suggestions directly into subconscious mind of the subject and the subject obeys our commands.There are various Induction methods we use in Hypnosis.There are three stages of hypnosis(1) Lethargic stage ie first stage(2) cataleptic stage ie second stage(3) somnambulist stage i.e third stage.

To be successful hypnotist following qualities are essential.

Self confidence
Power of Imagination/visualization
Power of concentration
power of suggestions

The two words Mesmerism and hypnotism are treated same but they are different.In Mesmerism there is animal magnetism while in hypnotism there is emotional power(bhawana Shakti). There is magnetic power in eyes and fingers and when we use eyes and hand pass without suggestions than it is mesmerism. so when we influence anybody merely by seeing than it is mesmerism. but if we use only suggestions than it is hypnosis. But in actual practice we use eyes contact and sometimes handpass too and suggestions to hypnotize easily, so no use of discussing the difference.

Mesmerism was invented by Dr Mesmer and so the word mesmerism is based on his name.while experimenting he found that patients could be treated simply by touch because he found that in all people animal magnetism is found and if developed can treat he developed the mechanism of passess.By giving passes he could treat patients.After Mesmer his pupil Marquins declared by making several experiments on mesmerism that he found a new method in which pass is not necessary to make the person sleep but by merely concentrating on specific thing, but he could not name it. Later Dr James Bread proved that with this new method one can go in  sleep by giving only suggestions without pass and for this coined the word Hypnotism .

There are two types of hypnosis (1) overt hypnosis(2) covert hypnosis. In overt hypnosis the subject knows that he is being hypnotized while in covert hypnosis the subject is unaware of it.

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