God Realisation

There are Five stages for God  realisation. First Four stages are for soul realisation.So for God realisation first you have to practice for soul realisation.The first stage is the knowledge that you are not body but soul, meaning thereby that body and soul are separate. You are not the body with soul but you are soul having body.

The second stage is the actual experience that you are the soul.
The third stage of soul realisation is the experience of incarnated soul(that is you ie Jivatma)having union with higher soul and realising that incarnated soul and higher soul one and same.
The fourth and higher level is the experience of merger of incarnated soul(Jivatma) with the Paramatma(divine starke/divine soul).
The fifth and highest level is the experience of Jivatma having union with Parabrahma and realising that both are same.This is God Realisation.

See this order:

  • Parabrahma(Supreme Being)
  • Divine Sparke/Divine Being(Paramatma)
  • Higher Soul(Atma)
  • Incarnated Soul/Jivatma/Holy Spirit.
  • The Divine Sparke in every Person is the part of Supreme Being.
  • You can not experience Soul Realisation without activating Crown Chakra. The crown Chakra is the centre of Universal Love. You can not love universally unless you love your relatives,friends etc and You can not love your relatives and friends unless you activate the Heart Chakra.The Heart Chakra is the centre of Love, Compassion and Devotion. Chakras are energy centres with certain functions.So for God realisation and Soul Realisation both Crown Chakra and Heart Chakra(Anahat Chakra) are to be activated.
  • There are various methods to activate the chakras like Hypnotic Suggestions,Pranic Healing and some special Meditations but Twin Heart Meditation as Developed by Master Choa Kok Sui is excellent.
  • If You want to know more or want to experience Soul Realisation and God Realisation,contact me by taking Prior appointment .

God Bless You
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